Picking The Perfect Snack

Picking The Perfect Snack

For most of us, snacking is a part of life.  The perfect snack gives us that little something that keeps you going in between meals. We snack while watching television, at the movies, or after a long day at school or work. But how do you pick the perfect snack that is healthy, tasty and satisfying? Nutritionists suggest a wholesome snack with enough energy for a pick-me-up, but low in fat and refined sugars.  When choosing that perfect snack for you and your family, you should consider food allergies and sensitivities.  Your comfort level of artificial ingredients, the look and taste of the snack and how convenient the snack is to serve are also important traits.

Traits of the Perfect Snack

A perfect snack needs to be non-allergenic. Many people have food allergies and a good number of them do not know it. Selecting foods that are non-allergenic, especially for youngsters, protects everyone from allergic reactions.

A perfect snack should have no genetically modified organisms. Known as GMOs, these ingredients are a hot topic of debate and research. Genetically modified organisms are present in many foods and ingredients today and many food manufacturers are leaning toward non-GMO ingredients and products. Consumers are more educated about protecting their health and are choosing healthier, non-GMO snacks and foods.

A perfect snack has no artificial ingredients. Sodium nitrite, MSG, artificial food dyes, and potassium bromate are just a few of the artificial ingredients in processed foods today. Studies have linked many of these ingredients to cancer and other severe medical conditions. Some people have sensitivities to artificial ingredients or preservatives and need to be careful to avoid these ingredients.

A perfect snack must look appealing. A snack is far more pleasant to eat when it is visually appealing. If the eyes and brain think a food tastes good, it builds up anticipation to taste it.

A perfect snack has an appealing texture.  The process of actually eating a snack is enhanced by a hearty texture. For some, texture alone determines if they are willing to taste the snack.

A perfect snack tastes good. Once the eyes and brain are on board, you need to follow up with a great flavor. If a snack tastes good, it will make snacking fun and something you look forward to.

The perfect snack has high-quality nutritional value. It should contain a balanced amount of carbohydrates and proteins. The levels of cholesterol and sodium should be minimal. There should be zero grams of trans fats. A perfect snack needs to have enough calories for a nice energy boost, but not too many to slow you down. Eating a well-balanced snack with a moderate amount of calories is just the right balance to give you energy and satisfy your snack cravings.

The perfect snack must be convenient. Snacking is often done on the go, so it makes sense to pick a snack that is easy to pack and easy to eat. For snacking on the run, choose something that does not require refrigeration to stay fresh. A perfect snack can be stashed in a backpack, or in your purse or briefcase.

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