About Us

Our gourmet gluten free cookie recipe came to us through my grandmother, Deborah Kaye.  Grandma would bake these delicious oatmeal cookies every fall.  The children as well as the adults would anxiously await the next batch, fresh from the oven.  In 2007, it occurred to me that what Grandma had brought to our family, we could bring to our community.  

We wanted to follow Grandma’s recipe using only a few, natural, organic ingredients in making the oatmeal cookies.  So we set out to find the finest, purest ingredients available today for Deborah Kaye’s Cookies.  Using Bob’s Red Mill “certified gluten free oats”, no preservatives, no GMO’s, no dairy and no corn, we believe we bake one of the most wholesome, non-allergenic cookies on the market.  

Initially, we baked Deborah Kaye’s Cookies in our kitchen at home.  Our first customers were JB’s Coffee Shop and Natural Health Market in Lubbock, Texas. For a couple of years, we baked cookies as a hobby, taking on only four or five accounts.  The reviews were great and word spread.  Soon more and more customers were wanting to stock their shelves with Deborah Kaye’s Cookies.  

In September of 2009, after 28 years in the food business, my husband decided to join me at Deborah Kaye’s Cookies so that we could make our cookies more widely available.  We realize the importance of having products you can be proud to offer your customers  as well as your own family.  Every batch of Deborah Kaye’s Cookies are handmade using Grandma’s recipe and dedication to goodness.  Grab a cookie and enjoy!