Gluten Free Cookies Make Great Summer Snacks

When the warm summer months arrive, a family’s daily routine is likely to change.  More time is spent outdoors, activity levels increase and eating habits change. Healthy snacking is challenging at best, but if your family is living gluten free, your choices are fewer. It’s nice to know there is a delicious gluten free cookie by Deborah Kaye that is healthy, tasty, versatile and easy to pack. These gluten free cookies will keep your family going all summer long.

Healthy, tasty varieties

Deborah Kaye’s gluten free cookies come from an old family recipe that came down to the company owner from her grandmother, Deborah Kaye. Using natural, wholesome ingredients, this oat cookie recipe has been a hit for generations. There is a variety of Deborah Kaye’s gluten free cookies so no one gets left out, and no one gets bored. They come in three delicious choices: Oatmeal Chocolate Pecan, Oatmeal Raisin, and Oatmeal Walnut. Deborah Kaye’s gluten free cookies have a hearty texture and delicious flavor. They are made with natural ingredients, contain no GMOs or hydrogenated oils, no flour, no corn, and no dairy ingredients and are lightly sweetened with non-refined cane sugar.

Versatility in snacking

Deborah Kaye’s cookies are very versatile, which can make snacking fun for everyone in the family. For a refreshing summer treat, try topping Deborah Kaye’s gluten free cookies with a scoop of ice cream.  Peanut butter and jelly also go great on top.Try a cookie with fresh fruit like cherries, strawberries, or raspberries or dunked in a cold glass of milk.

Travels easily

Summertime means families are on the go.  You can drop our cookies into your child’s beach bag, pack some in the car for a road trip or put a few in your carry-on for a long flight. These hearty, nutritious gluten free cookies are large enough for a light meal or can easily be shared for snacking.  Just what you need to quiet a hungry crowd.

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