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Old Fashioned Cookies: Delicious, Non-Allergenic And Gluten Free

A delicious old-fashioned cookie is one made with all natural ingredients and baked with a sense of pride. Many of our Grandmothers baked old fashioned cookies with ingredients they had on hand. These delicious snacks were simple, natural, sweet, crunchy and chewy. Best of all, they were naturally non-allergenic and gluten free. Today, many things are different.

Commercially developed baked goods are loaded with ingredients that not only include gluten based products but many other additives and fillers. These additional ingredients frequently cause problems for consumers that have specific food allergies. DK Organics uses Grandmother’s recipe and natural non-GMO ingredients to bake Deborah Kaye’s old fashioned cookies that are gluten, flour, corn, dairy and yeast free.

Finally, a delicious, natural, non-allergenic, old-fashioned cookie is available to satisfy your snacking desires. Our simple basic recipe at DK Organics includes gluten-free oats, organic eggs, non-refined cane sugar, and other organic natural ingredients. In addition, every homemade batch of Deborah Kaye’s All-Natural Gluten Free cookies contains NO hydrogenated oils and NO genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Add a few nuts, raisins and other flavors to this base and you have an old-fashioned cookie perfect for every consumer.

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Oatmeal chocolate pecan natural cookies - gluten free and non-allergenic

DK Organics’ oatmeal chocolate pecan cookie is one of the favorites. We use organic dark chocolate chips and natural, preservative-free pecans. These premium ingredients are added to the oatmeal cookie basic recipe for a delicious combination of flavor and nutrition. Chocolate offers rich flavonoids and minerals while pecans are a natural source of vitamin E and antioxidants.

Oatmeal raisin natural cookies - gluten free and non-allergenic

DK Organics’ oatmeal raisin cookies have organic grapes transformed into naturally sweet raisins right on the vine. We add these plump raisins to our oatmeal cookie base for a real taste treat. The raisins enhance the sweetness of the cookie while adding nutritional value in the form of antioxidants, boron, Vitamin K, and phyto-nutrients.

Oatmeal walnut natural cookies - gluten free and non-allergenic

DK Organics uses naturally grown walnuts, picked by hand, to make this yummy treat. The large chunks of walnuts offer a nice tasty crunch to the cookie. Walnuts are an amazing source of Vitamin E and rare antioxidants.

Every homemade batch of Deborah Kaye’s All-Natural Gluten Free cookies are non-allergenic and made with no GMO’s, no refined sugars, and no hydrogenated oils. For a great taste treat with no corn, no dairy, no yeast, no flours and no gluten, try any one or all of our varieties today. You can find all of our cookies through our online store. Shop Now to get the best tasting and most healthy cookies for you and your family. If you have questions or want some more information about our products, you can reach us at (806) 239-7808.

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